Soft, Portable Spas

Portable soft spas are an affordable and space saving alternative to traditional hard spas. Most soft spas are made of vinyl material, with durable foam core bottoms and sides. Most do not have molded seating, which gives you a "floating" soak feeling. They are easy to move around, and work both indoor and outdoor.

Soft spas have fully functional jets and thermostat controls you would expect from any other spa manufacturer. They are availabe in a wide variety of sizes, from 140 gallon 2 person models, all the way up to nearly 350 gallons models. Pricing is affordable, from $500.00 for base models to $2400.00 for the larger sizes.

Popular brands of soft spas include:

  • Softub
  • Do you and your family a favor today: Purchase a soft portable spa to accompany your portable pool.