Maintaining Your Soft Side Pool

These common questions arise about how to maintain your softside pool.

Can I leave the pool up year-round or do I have to take it down during the winter?
We generally recommend taking down your pool to protect it from winter elements such as storm debris. Taking down your pool for the winter season will reduce your cost of ownership since you won't have the additional costs of chemicals, maintenance, and pump/filter costs.

What is the best way to my pool clean?
The most obvious way is to keep it securely covered when not in use. If you do not have a cover, you can also use a manual vac system which includes a pole, net, vac head and hose.

How much will it cost me in water and electricity?
After the pool has been filled, you will need to occassionally add water to make up for splash loss and evaporation. Generally, after the pool has been filled, you will not experience a high water bill as a result of the pool.

Electricity to run the pump and filter will vary greatly, depending on the region you live in. We estimate that you can expect a $10 to $20 increase in your monthly electric bill.

Do I need chemicals to sanitize my pool?
We always recommend chemicals to keep your pool environment as sanitary as possible. The most common form of sanitation is use of a granular or tablet form of chlorine. While chlorine has been used for years, some customers prefer chlorine-free alternatives since chlorine can bleach out the inside color of your pool liner. Another alternative is using silver ions as found in products such as Nature 2. Using Nature 2 in your pool can help cut down on chlorine usage by up to 90%.

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