Pool Ladders

If you are thinking of purchasing an above ground pool, chances are you will be needing a ladder to enter and exit the pool safely. Even if your pool has hard metal walls, and is surrounded by a deck, your swiming experience can only benefit from having ladder properly installed.

Ladders come in many sizes. For soft side portable pools, or pools that are not surrounded by a deck, you would most likely be needing a double sided ladder that sits in an inverted "V" or "U" shape. For other set ups, a ladder that attachs to your deck will suffice.

Ladders are made of many types of materials too. The most common are aluminum or plastic. Aluminum is a durable light-weight metal that makes installation a breeze. Plastic ladders are also light weight and durable, though they don't fold up for storage in the off-season as well.

One of the newest types of materials for pool ladders that is rapidly gaining popularity is structural foam. This foam is lightweight and stronger than it's plastic and aluminum counterparts. Where and aluminum pool ladder might support 250 lbs, a structural foam ladder will support up to 350 lbs.

When choosing a ladder, make sure you purchase one with enough room to clear your pool walls.